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Lessons, Safety and Therapeutic Aquatics

Lessons, Safety and Therapeutic Aquatics

Swimology is Liquid Courage for ALL Abilities

Whether your child needs 1:1 support or prefers the company of a sibling or friend, we have creative class options to meet individual needs.

Fundamental Swimming Lessons

Parent/Child Water Safety And Survival Classes

Therapeutic Aquatics Sessions



We offer swim lessons, water safety classes and therapeutic aquatics sessions for children of all ages and abilities. Our unique teaching methods utilize a therapeutic approach and build a healthy and confident relationship with the water. This patient and gentle style helps motivate and foster success in and out of the pool.

Sarah has a gift for making everyone feel comfortable, and has been amazing with my special needs son. Her particular combination of personality, training and experiences have been wonderful for me and my family. She “gets” my son like others don’t, and has helped him overcome fears in the pool, feel good about himself and learn about boundaries in a gentle way.
— Shawna P.